Opencare Interior Photoshoot

Opencare Headquarters in Toronto Interior Photographs

Like many people I have spoken to in Toronto, I found my dentist through Opencare, a company that offers rewards for clients signing up to local dentists, doctors, etc. I think I got a $50 Visa Gift Card when I signed up for mine. The dentists paid a fee to Opencare who also work with […]

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Interior Photography for Jus Reign And Spacesforjacflash

Interior Photography for Jus Reign & spacesbyjacflash

If you don’t know who Jus Reign is, watch one of his YouTube videos. I first saw him, like most people, in his video Bounce where him and another YouTuber Timothy DeLaGhetto face off against each other in a parking lot, slowly entering a dance off move by move as the beat progressives along with […]

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