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Still Photography and Behind The Scenes Photography for The Remnant

I have always been interested in shooting Still Photography and Behind the Scenes photography for films. Many of the still frames you see from films are actually shot by photographers on set and not taken from the film. The job entails shooting, quietly, while the film is being shot as well as in between filming scenes. Photographs are of the scenes being filmed as well as behind the scenes shots of the set, the cast and the crew.

the remnant - still photography
Director Navin Ramaswaran chat with actress Joyce Rivera

A friend of mine who is a writer, producer and general film creator asked if I wanted to try out still photography on his short film The Remnant, a horror that was a standalone as well as a proof of concept for a possible feature film. The film followed 4 con artists ho pretend to be able to remove spirits from homes haunted by them. All a scam to rob the homes of their victims.

The shooting days had several locations including the mansion in the film as well as an art gallery that acted as the home base for the main characters. Both locations were in and around the city of Toronto, Canada.

the remnant - still photography
Director Nav with actor Jill Frappier

The main cast of the film included Peter Keleghan, Kaniehtiio Horn, Grace Lynn Kung, and Michael James Regan.

One of my shots from the gallery ended up being the concept for the poster art. You can see them both below.

the remnant
The main cast of The Remnant.
the remnant
The Poster Art for The Remnant