Blue Goose Food Photography

Food Photography with Chef Devan for Blue Goose Pure Foods in Toronto

I recently did a fun Food Photography shoot with Chef Devan Rajkumar for Blue Goose Pure Foods at a kitchen in downtown Toronto. The client wanted photographs of Chef preparing and serving items as well as some styled photos of the finished product.

Blue Goose Pure Foods is mostly chicken products so chef prepared chicken wings, chicken breasts and chicken dogs in various ways for me to shoot. We also got shots of him saucing them up as well as prepping them for plating.

After the items were plated I got to mess around with them and add some of the ingredients to the shot for balance.

I loved all of the dishes. The chicken lettuce wrap was so good that we actually posted the recipe on Toronto Guardian for our readers to try at home.

We also took a few action shots of our team dipping and grabbing at the food. I love the way these turned out.

Blue Goose Food Photography