Javier Bardem - celebrity photography

Celebrity Photography during Toronto International Film Festival

For the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, I was hired to take celebrity photos as the talent arrived and left my clients’ establishments. My client owns several buildings and restaurants that were hot spots during TIFF and they wanted to make sure they caught all the amazing people who graced their doorsteps.

Javier Bardem - celebrity photography
Javier Bardem
Ellen Page - celebrity photography
Ellen Page

I had not done something like this so I was a bit nervous at first but after 5 straight days of shooting I am now pretty comfortable with it. Shooting someone as they go in or out of a venue is strange as I am used to the subject posing for me and on some occasions it seemed like they could do without me flashing away.

Jake G - celebrity photography
Jake Gyllenhaal
Alison Brie
Alison Brie

The hotspots that I shadowed over the 5 days included BISHA Hotel where IMDB held their interviews for each movie, Storys Building which had many events each day including interviews and press events, Patria restaurant which hosted George Clooney and Julianne Moore for their movie party and Weslodge which held the party for Mudbound with Mary J. Blige.

George Clooney - TIFF toronto

Elisabeth Moss - TIFF toronto
Elisabeth Moss

I think my favourite people to see were Elisabeth Moss and Javier Bardem. I included a few more of my celebrity photographs in this post and have posted even more on my instagram @StedyPhoto.