La Palma Food

Food photography for La Palma restaurant in Toronto

I recently shot some food photography for La Palma restaurant in downtown Toronto. The restaurant is owned by couple Alexandra Hutchison and Craig Harding who are coming off the success of Campagnolo restaurant with another great spot.

La Palma restaurant

For this job, they wanted a few photos of some of the dishes that they are currently serving. With many great items on the menu, I knew all six that I was shooting would be a treat.

I had already finished shooting the interior photography for La Palma so I had been seeing the food come out while I was shooting those.

The dishes I shot included pizza, seared tuna, roast chicken, gnocchi and a dessert.

La Palma restaurant

Chef Craig Harding was behind the food while Alexandra took care of the style. Craig was not in this day but his team prepared some great stuff and the photos turned out well. They were also delicious.

If you want to check out the venue photos I took of the space, you can see those here.

To learn more about the restaurant, please visit their website.