Fui Fui Moi Moi

Official Photographer of the Toronto Wolfpack Rugby League Team

I was excited to be hired on as the game photographer for the Toronto Wolfpack Rugby League team for their inaugural season. Home games are played at Lamport Stadium which will be called The Den for Wolfpack games.

Toronto Wolfpack Photos

I have never worked in sports photography but have read a lot about it. It was exciting to learn something new and have now shot 3 games with a lot of success.

My first game I rented the Canon 70-300, the second game I rented the first generation Canon 100-400 with the pull zoom. The third game I rented the Canon 100-400 second generation lens and it was my favourite. The 400 mm range was enough to catch most plays and the sharp lens allowed for close cropping when the shot needed to be closer.

Toronto Wolfpack PhotosCaptain Craig Hall poses for a photo with a fan.

On top of learning about the game of rugby and how to shoot it, I have been learning about the team and its players. They are a bunch of players from England, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries so it is interesting to see them in the downtown Toronto surroundings. They are always cracking joked and have been loving the warm welcome the team has received here.

The fans of the game have also been great. With multiple 6500+ attendance games and one 7100 game, it shows that Toronto is ready for a rugby team and that fans will support it.

For more info on the Toronto Wolfpack, visit their website.