Video and Photo for the Giants of Jordan and CIBC’s 150th Anniversary

I was recently hired to do a video and photographs of the CIBC Observation deck for a contract wth Toronto Guardian celebrating CIBC’s 150th anniversary. The 32nd floor of the Commerce Court building in downtown Toronto was opened to a select few for the first time in 52 years.

CIBC's 150th

Prior to taking the elevator up to the 32 floor of the building, we were treated to a display of other artifacts from CIBC’s 150th anniversary, one that is shares with the nation of Canada. Among these items were old bills, an old board room chair as well as old typewriters and other mechanical devices.

CIBC's 150th

Once we were able to go to the 32 floor, we visited with the Giants of Jordan, large head statues on the observation deck that resemble the heads on Easter Island. They are called the Giants of Jordan for the street down below that is called Jordan Street. Melinda Court sits next to this street and apparently these are the names of a husband and wife who were either owners or high ups in the banking companies past.

CIBC's 150th

We only had 15 minutes to take both video footage and snap a few pics to share. The video turned out pretty good considering we only had time to capture a handful of shots. The article and the video are already up on the Toronto Guardian news website.

Here is the video on facebook if you want to check it out.