Black and White Shoot with my friend Maria Florescu

After shooting the photos with my friend Maria Florescu at the Hot Tub factory, we had talked about doing another shoot. The next time we were both available we met up and wanted to do a Guess or Calvin Klein styled shoot with bright white light and nice shadows.

Maria Florescu

I first met Maria while I was shooting for INK Entertainment’s nightclubs in Toronto from 2012-2015 before I moved on to interiors and restaurants. She was also working for the company and was often at events that I was shooting. Her boyfriend is the owner of Untitled & Co. and Maria is often the face of the brand in ads and photoshoots.

Maria is very easy to work with and has some great looks. The shoot only took about 30 minutes and we ended up with a couple dozen great shots.

Maria Florescu

The pics were well received and the online magazine and social account SKYN Magazine picked it up and published 8 of the photos with some info about Maria and the shoot. You can see that post here.

I don’t normally like to shoot people and enjoy interior photography the most, but it was nice to get out of my comfort zone and practice something different.

I think I will continue to dabble in portrait photography and maybe some lifestyle but it does not interest me as much.