Mumford and Sons Surprise Show in Vancouver - 35mm photographs

Old Black and White 35mm Photographs from Vancouver

I found an old collection of 35mm photographs that I took in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2008 and I thought I would share a couple of them. They were all taken with a 50mm on my Nikon EM.

The first and cover photograph is from downtown Vancouver’s Yaletown neighbourhood. A local radio station announced a surprise Mumford and Sons performance in the area and fans flocked to the outside patio to watch the show.

I just happened to be walking by and asked what was going on. I stepped up on a guard rail to get a good view over and in between the crowd.

The second shot is of Patrick. He was one of my special needs adults that I used to work with when I was with the Developmental Disabilities Association of BC. He was very sweet but had a crippling fear of dogs that made him very hard to work with outside. His older sister was also part of the program. His father was always ill and his trooper of a mother would run the house, taking care of all three of them while still finding time to insist that I eat her amazing food when I was at their home. No complaints there.

Patrick in Vancouver - 35mm photographs