Winter Stations Toronto

Winter Stations Annual Lifeguard Tower Installations in Toronto

I recently went to visit the annual Winter Stations art installation in the Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto. The art designs are made overtop of lifeguard towers giving the space a purpose during the winter months.

For the main photo, I arrived just as the dun’s rays went red hot for about 5 minutes before setting. The red hot glow made a nice key light for my subject. The glow and rainbow colours in the horizon were a nice backdrop to my subject with the sand on the beach complimenting it further. This installation is called “The Beacon” by Joao Araujo Sousa and Joanna Correia Silva of Porto, Portugal.

I have included a few other images that I took while I was there.

Winter Stations Toronto
BuoyBuoyBuoy by Dionisios Vriniotis, Rob Shostak, Dakota Wares-Tani, and Julie Forand of Toronto, Canada
Winter Stations Toronto
Flotsam and Jetsam of University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada. Project team: Nicola Augustin, NegarBehzad Jazi, Anne Cheung, Bryce Clayton, Catherine Cohen, Mona Dai, Sarah Donaldson, Parshan Fatehi, Allegra Friesen, Golnaz Jamshidi, Carly Kandrack, Ryan Pagliaro, Elida Pletikapic, Alexandra Sermol, Kirsten Sheppard-Neuhofer, Eric Sviratchev, Joel Tremblay, Danny Wei.
Winter Stations Toronto
The Illusory by Humber College School of Media Studies & IT, School of Applied Technology in Toronto, Canada. Creative Team: Jenessa Atkinson, Aaron Bavle, Jason Carreiro, Gabriela Merka-Derez, Kimberly Michelle Czornodolskyj, Karun Ramani, Trish Roque, Roxanne Van Dam, and Qiao Wang Project Faculty Advisor: Cole Swanson, Program Coordinator/ Professor, School of Media Studies and IT


You can check out the Winter Stations website for more info on the designs each year. This year, the event last until March 28th, 2017.