Auch, Gers, Midi pyrenees, France

Auch, France – The Home of D’Artagnan

Although he was born in Lupiac, Auch, located in South-West France, is celebrated as the home town of the real D’Artagnan, known for his role in The Three Musketeers stories.

Auch, Gers, Midi pyrenees, France

The town of around 25,000 inhabitants lies along the Gers River. The town is also home to a magnificent cathedral that just finished years of renovations. The Cathedral de Sainte-Marie is located in the centre of the town surrounded by shops and restaurants.

The old town’s small streets wind through the town and run down the hill from the cathedral to the river. The town of Auch recently renovated their riverside with trails, trees and renovations to the bridges.

The town is split between the two sides of the river. The old town with the cathedral on one side and many shops and the train station on another.