My first job as a wedding photographer in Toronto

I had never had any interest in being a wedding photographer. The time spent planning, on site and editing didn’t seem worth it to me. Most of my shoots are half days and only require several photos and not much editing. Also the pressure of coming up with photographs that will do the significance of the day justice I saw as an added stress.

Toronto wedding photography

But when two young people came to me asking if I could shoot their wedding I thought I would give it a go. The day was short, the couple very cool and the site close to home. The couple were also looking for something more affordable, and I was happy to accommodate their budget.

The shoot included a short ceremony in the garden of a downtown Toronto restaurant and then a meal between around 30 guests.

Toronto wedding photography

The couple hosted their immediate families and several friends on each side. Some flying in from across Canada, and others from Asia.

The local french restaurant Le Select Bistro hosted the families and event. Their lovely garden patio was great for the ceremony and for family photos at the end of the evening. I was also invited to join them for dinner which was quite the treat with my fondness for French cuisine. I shot some of the food and the service as well as the speeches from friends and family members.

Toronto wedding photography

Another factor I never thought of at weddings is what a sucker I am for love. The couple were very cute and the stories from friends and families left no eye dry in the house, including mine. It was great to see the beginnings of two people’s lives together and the merging of two families.

Toronto wedding photography

After the shoot I came home and edited the pics and sent them my final picks. Because the shoot was pretty easy and the setting was pretty standard throughout the evening, I ended up sending them almost all of the images I shot, edited and in various forms and sizes for ease of sharing.

Toronto wedding photography

Check out the images and if you are looking for a more affordable wedding photographer, please get in touch with me.

Toronto wedding photography




Still Photography and Behind The Scenes Photography for The Remnant

I have always been interested in shooting Still Photography and Behind the Scenes photography for films. Many of the still frames you see from films are actually shot by photographers on set and not taken from the film. The job entails shooting, quietly, while the film is being shot as well as in between filming scenes. Photographs are of the scenes being filmed as well as behind the scenes shots of the set, the cast and the crew.

the remnant - still photography
Director Navin Ramaswaran chat with actress Joyce Rivera

A friend of mine who is a writer, producer and general film creator asked if I wanted to try out still photography on his short film The Remnant, a horror that was a standalone as well as a proof of concept for a possible feature film. The film followed 4 con artists ho pretend to be able to remove spirits from homes haunted by them. All a scam to rob the homes of their victims.

The shooting days had several locations including the mansion in the film as well as an art gallery that acted as the home base for the main characters. Both locations were in and around the city of Toronto, Canada.

the remnant - still photography
Director Nav with actor Jill Frappier

The main cast of the film included Peter Keleghan, Kaniehtiio Horn, Grace Lynn Kung, and Michael James Regan.

One of my shots from the gallery ended up being the concept for the poster art. You can see them both below.

the remnant
The main cast of The Remnant.
the remnant
The Poster Art for The Remnant


Toronto Interior Photographs for Downtown Condo by spacesbyjacflash

I photographed a small space in Toronto where Interior Photographs were needed for the downtown condo that had been recently decorated by spacesbyjacflash. I often work with Jaclyn Genovese and her team who work on everything from condos to full homes and even office space.

Toronto Interior Photographer

For this job, her team decorated the living room and the dining room / kitchen area of the open concept, one bedroom unit located in the downtown core of Toronto, Canada.  Here are a few of the wide-angle interior photographs from the photoshoot.

Toronto Interior Photographer

Previous photographs I have taken for spacesbyjacflash include office spaces, condos and homes. If you are looking to get your space photographed for a great price, please get in touch with me.

Toronto Interior Photographer




Event Photography for a Blue Goose Pure Foods Cooking Class

Blue Goose Pure Foods is a company that distinguishes itself from others by farming premium organic and antibiotic free proteins, proudly raised in Canada. They often hold events around the city to help showcase some of their newest products. At one of their dinners recently, I was brought on as their event photographer and got to see what they are like behind the scenes.

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Interior Photography for Jus Reign & spacesbyjacflash

If you don’t know who Jus Reign is, watch one of his YouTube videos. I first saw him, like most people, in his video Bounce where him and another YouTuber Timothy DeLaGhetto face off against each other in a parking lot, slowly entering a dance off move by move as the beat progressives along with their antics. The video is gold and sparked a massive career for the Torontonian. I was recently hired as the interior photographer to shoot his new digs.

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Celebrity Photography during Toronto International Film Festival

For the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, I was hired to take celebrity photos as the talent arrived and left my clients’ establishments. My client owns several buildings and restaurants that were hot spots during TIFF and they wanted to make sure they caught all the amazing people who graced their doorsteps.

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